Contact info:

sfp [at]

203 Hutchins Dr.
Wilmore, KY 40390

Research interests

Most of my research interests fall along two axes that have Francisco Suárez's ethics and moral psychology at their intersection. One axis goes forwards and backwards in time, keeping ethics in view, and the other goes sideways, so to speak, into other branches of philosophy, e.g., metaphysics. That's what I say on modest days. On less modest days, I just say that philosophy is interesting. And if I'm in a downright hubristic mood, I just say that the world is interesting. Maybe even some possible worlds. It's just a pity that competence lags so far behind interest.

My papers page provides a better sense of what I have and am working on. There is also a fuller statement of research interests here (in PDF).

Since very little of Suárez's work has been translated, a significant part of my work is translating. You can get a sense for that work at my translations page. Many of the translations are still in a fairly rough state; some are more polished. Disputatio Metaphysica XXIII.1 is an example of a relatively polished translation.