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Bibliography of works on Francisco Suárez, 1850-present

Compiled by Jacob Schmutz and updated by Sydney Penner

NB: For the bibliography in alphabetical order by author, click here.

This bibliography is based on the fantastic bibliography compiled by Jacob Schmutz for his website, Scholasticon, an extraordinarily useful resource for research on early modern scholastic philosophy and theology. I have added some earlier works that I have encountered in the course of my own research, made some corrections, and attempted to bring the bibliography up to date.

Please let me know of any additional items that should be included in this bibliography. I include works that have significant discussions of Suárez even if the works as a whole are not focussed on him. I do not generally include book reviews. Translations of Suárez are not included since I have pages devoted to them (both English and non-English). It is worth noting that the translations often include valuable introductions to aspects of Suárez's thought.

For works prior to 1850 that discuss Suárez -- of which there are many -- see Múgica, Bibliografía suareciana, 1948.


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