Suárez in Latin online

Most of Suárez's work can be found online. Given that print editions can be difficult to procure, these online versions can be very useful. Following are a set of links that should satisfy most needs. That said, I have no intention of trying to provide a comprehensive set of links since (i) new scans are being put online all the time and (ii) links go dead with alarming frequency. So if you're looking for something that you can't find via my links, I've provided some tips at the bottom of the page on how to find more material. Suggestions for further material that I should add are, of course, always welcome.

Vivès Opera omnia on Internet Archive and Google Books

The nineteenth-century Opera omnia printed by Vivès in Paris is the standard edition of Suárez. Despite the title, it does not include all of Suárez's work, but it comes fairly close. It certainly includes all the well-known works. It is also not a critical edition, but it's useable enough. Errors are not distributed evenly, but expect a missing word or phrase every couple of pages. Most of the errors were inherited from earlier editions, so, if you want to check a passage for variations, you will need to find first editions (the 1597 edition for Disputationes metaphysicae, for example). Print copies of these first editions can be extraordinarily difficult to find; fortunately, there are good online scans to be found (see below).

UPDATE: I have added links to the Internet Archive copies of these volumes (which are useful if, for example, you are in a country where Google is restricting access to the volumes in question). In the list below, GB = Google Books and IA = Internet Archive.

NB: The OCR on these scans is good enough for text searches to be of some use, but a null result should certainly not be taken as proof that the search term does not appear in the text; a large percentage of words contain characters not recognized accurately.

Vivès Opera omnia at UANL

Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon's Coleccion Digital also has a scan of the Vivès Opera omnia online: The advantages of UANL's scan over Google's are that (1) it is complete (except the index volumes), (2) it is not missing pages (or at least I haven't noticed any yet), and (3) it is a higher resolution scan (and hence is very useful in cases where other scans aren't legible). It also has some disadvantages: (1) the text can't be searched at all (as noted earlier, searching the text is far from satisfactory in Google, but, still, searches do occasionally turn up something useful), (2) the volumes are broken up into many files so that downloading a volume to your hard drive is much less feasible, and (3) perhaps the resolution of the scans is unnecessarily high, since the files are exceedingly large. Still, as the list of advantages should have made obvious, this is a very useful resource. Thanks to Daniel Novotny for alerting me to it.

Early editions

If you want to look at some of the early editions of Suarez, you're in luck. Good quality scans of a number of his works are available (notably, of the valuable 1597 edition of Disputationes Metaphysicae), thanks especially to several European libraries.

In addition to the texts to which I link here, I should note that The Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation includes scans of numerous early editions of Suarez. It also has the merit of allowing text searches. It is, however, a licensed resource, so of most use to those whose institution's library has a subscription.

Texts are arranged by publication date in the following list (which, incidentally, is by no means a comprehensive list of what is available).

Commentariorum, ac disputationum in Tertiam partem Divi Thomae. Salamanca: John and Andreas Renaut, 1595.

Disputationes Metaphysicae. Salamanca: John and Andreas Renaut, 1597. Vol. 1 / vol. 2.

Disputationes Metaphysicae, tomus posterior. [Mainz: Balthasar Lippius, 1600].

Disputationum de censuris in communi, excommunicatione, suspensione & interdicto, itemque de irregularitate tomus quintus additus ad tertiam partem D. Thomae. Coimbra, 1602.

De Deo Uno et Trino. Lyon: Horatius Cardon, 1607.

De virtute et statu religionis. Mainz, 1608. Vol. 1 / vol. 2.

Varia opuscula theologica. Lyon: Horatius Cardon, 1611.

Defensio fidei Catholicae et apostolicae adversus Anglicanae sectae errores. Coimbra: Didacum Gomez de Loureyro, 1613.

De legibus ac Deo legislatore. Antwerp, 1614.

Commentariorum ac disputationum in tertiam partem Divi Thomae tomus secundus. Mainz: Balthasar Lippius, 1616.

Commentariorum ac disputationum in tertiam partem diui Thomae tomi quinque primus. Mainz: Balthasar Lippius, 1617.

Commentariorum ac disputationum in tertiam partem divi Thomae ; tomus tertius : qui est primus De sacramentis. Mainz: Balthasar Lippius, 1619.

De legibus ac Deo Legislatore. Lyon: Horatius Cardon, 1619.

Operis de Divina Gratia. Lyon: Jacob Cardon and Peter Cavellat, 1620. 2nd scan.

Varia opuscula theologica. Lyon: Jacob Cardon and Peter Cavellat, 1620.

Partis secundae summae theologiae tomus alter : complectens tractatum secundum De opere sex dierum, ac tertium De anima. Lyon: Jacob Cardon and Peter Cavellat, 1621.

De Virtute et Statu Religionis ... tomus secundus. Mainz: Hermann Meresius, 1623.

De virtute et statu religionis. Mainz, 1624.

De virtute et statu religionis : tomus tertius de obligationibus quae religiosum constituvnt... Mainz: Hermann Meresius, 1625.

Ad Primam Secundae D. Thomae Tractatus Quinque Theologici. Lyon: Jacob Cardon, 1628.

Operis de religione tomus primus. Lyon: Jacob Cardon, 1630.

Operis de religione tomus secundus. Lyon: Jacob Cardon, 1630.

Pars Secunda Summae Theologiae de Deo rerum onmium creatore : in tres praecipuos tractatus distributa : quorum primus De Angelis hoc volumine continentur... Lyon: Jacob Cardon, 1630.

Operis de religione pars secunda : quae est De statu religionis ac tomus tertius in ordine complectens tractatum septimum ... : in decem libros distributum. Lyon: Jacob Cardon, 1632.

Operis de religione tomus quartus et ultimus : continens tractatus tres ... quibus totum opus completur et absoluitur. Lyon: Jacob Cardon, 1634.

Francisci Suaresii ... Opuscula Sex Inedita. Bruxellis, in aedibus Alphonsi Greuse ... 1859.

Francisci Suaresii ... Opuscula Sex Inedita. Parisiis: apud P. Lethielleux ... 1861.

Other online texts

Thanks to the work of Salvador Castellote, Jean-Paul Coujou, John P. Doyle, and Michael Renemann, the entire text of the Disputationes Metaphysicae is available in a searchable format. It is in html, so the files are a reasonable size and quick to work with. It is also in much better shape than Google's OCR of the Vivès edition. Still, there is the occasional error, so if a sentence looks odd, it is worth checking it elsewhere. If possible, check it against the 1597 edition (see above), since it contains fewer errors than either this online text or the Vivès edition.

Salvador Castellote's critical edition of De Anima is available through the Internet Archive (my thanks to Claus A. Anderson for pointing me to this resource). It is worth noting that this is in some sense not the same text as the De Anima in the Vivès edition. Suarez started editing his De Anima commentary for publication at the end of his life but only got around to editing the first twelve chapters of the first book. The Vivès edition incorporates that later material. On the assumption that Suarez might have changed some of his views in the intervening years, the resulting text may not be wholly coherent. Regardless of their respective merits, one should keep in mind that matters are not quite as straightforward as saying that Castellote's edition is a critical edition of the same text that is in the Vivès edition. Rather, it is an edition of the Salamanca manuscript of De Anima, though Castellote's critical apparatus notes variant readings. In short, there are textual complications here; for more details, consult Castellote's edition.

Finally, it's worth noting that most of the translations I have put online have facing Latin text. While none are critical editions strictly speaking, in many cases I have looked at a couple of editions and provide variants.

Finding more

Following are some excellent places if you're looking for more editions of Suárez or other medieval or early modern works.